"Tales of Symphonia 2, Dawn of the New World", My 2nd Review!


Staff member
Sep 16, 2022
Been playing this on my Wii for quite awhile and I wish to review it personally.

1. Plot : Very intricate. As good as the 1st one. My rating : 10/10.

2. Gameplay : very much a classic "Tales" game battle system and gameplay. My rating : 10/10.

3. Characters : I don't enjoy the fact that there are only 2 playable characters, the other 2 are monsters. I do prefer Martha's Artes to Emil's though myself. My rating : 7/10.

4. Voice acting : dubbed in English. So a 7/10.

5. Music : Very enthralling battle music and other music and even opening theme. My rating : 8/10.

6. Graphic Effects : very good Artes effects and combos.

My overall score of satisfaction whilst playing : 8/10,

What about you? Have you ever played yet or not personally? And if yes, do you enjoy it or not in your view?