"Tales of Symphonia 1" : 1st Review!


Staff member
Sep 16, 2022
This will be my 1st game review. Been playing "Tales of Symphonia 1" on Dolphin for quite a while, and have figured I'd my personal opinion on it on this gaming community.

1. Plot : Very intricate, a good vs evil but not so clearly cut and some grey areas. My score : 10/10.

2. Gameplay : a classic "Tales" battle system. I love it personally. My score : 10/10.

3. Characters : My personal favourite character in there is "Colette", the Chosen of Regeneration. Why? Because I love her Artes a lot. My score : 10/10.

4. Voice acting : very good, I wish it were in the original language, which is Japanese, but I have it in English. I still love it personally. My score : 10/10.

5. Music : Very enthralling battle and other soundtracks. I wanna keep on playing it forever myself. My score : 10/10.

6. Special Effects : I love them personally. I think they are stunning and amazing. Especially Genis's and Colette's Artes. My score : 10/10.

My overall score of satisfaction whilst playing it : 10/10.

And you personally? Have you ever played it yet or not personally? And if yes, what do you think of it for you personally?