Can't Remember Names of Games - HELP


New member
Apr 21, 2022
Hey Guys, I just bought one of those mini game boxes (super pleased with it for the price). There are TWO games I am trying to remember. The first is either a dodgeball or volleyball game, it had short stumpy characters. I think it was country v country. you could do special spikes or moves, for example, an around the world spike/throw that would literally go around the world and come back and knock out their player. What was the name of the game?

Second, it was an action game with a direct over the top view. I believe if memory serves me, they were little ninjas with possibly big bald heads in ninja attire. it was a fighting game and you moved through the map. Again, an overhead view, i believe ninjas but could be wrong....for the life of me it was so long ago I cant recall and I am searching through hundreds of games on this thing trying to find it.