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  1. Hannkk

    PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are $50 off right now

    Unfortunately, this is too late for me to gain anything from it as I already have my Playstation 5 since last year. Sony and Microsoft should find a way to compensate us that bought it before this $50 discount.
  2. Hannkk

    Anyone loves GBA?

    Gameboy Advance is a very good Nintendo handheld console no doubt. It was better than the first one. But if you have played on Nintendo Switch, you're going to know that it's better than GBA 100.%
  3. Hannkk

    What's your thoughts on the new Xbox dashboard?

    Xbox recently launched a new dashboard for their gamers and it doesn't seem to be having a good reception as most fans are not loving it. Personally, I wasn't pleased with what Microsoft cooked up in the new dashboard. Most people are complaining about the unwanted blocks and areas on the Xbox...
  4. Hannkk

    Are you ready for Nintendo Switch 2?

    The Nintendo Switch console was launched since 2017. Even though Nintendo have been making good money from it steady sales, but it looks like it's time to roll out the next version of the Switch console. There's been rumor it's going to be out by 2024 but nothing official have come from the...
  5. Hannkk

    How big is your gaming budget?

    Back in the early 2000s, I have a very big gaming budget which was above $2000 a year but right now I don't spend up to $500 on video games every year and it's because of the kind of responsibilities I need to start taking care of that are bigger than video games.
  6. Hannkk

    The First Console I Owned

    I still have my Gameboy console. I love it so much. One of my Spiderman games is still the best that I've played on the handheld console. I still make out time to play on it once in a while.
  7. Hannkk

    Least Favourite Games?

    Goat Simulator. I don't see anything big with the game with how most people talk about it being a funny game. The trailer looked funny but the gameplay was horrible for me. I have also grown bored of playing FIFA games.
  8. Hannkk

    Obsessed with Gaming?

    I love playing video games. There's no doubt about that but I'm very sure that it's not gotten to the level of my being obsessed with it. Obsession over anything isn't healthy. It's going to cost you your sanity.
  9. Hannkk

    Your Gender Identity as a Gamer?

    I'm a guy and I've played all my games as a male character. I know some gamers who swap their real life sex for another in video games. They feel the need to play from another perspective.
  10. Hannkk

    The most enjoyable Game in 2022?

    Elden Ring, Stray, and God Of War Ragnarok would be my most enjoyable video games which were released in 2022. There was a very good reason why Elden Ring won the best game of the year's award. Even though it was a very difficult to play Soul's game, it was completely unbelievably great.
  11. Hannkk

    Who is into web development or something like it?

    I'm currently learning how to code with the training I'm getting from Udemy. It's one of the best website where you can learn coding that's not too costly. There are other courses they teach but I'm only on coding for now.
  12. Hannkk

    How many games do you play at once?

    What's the essence of playing so many games at once when it's going to be very difficult for you to focus on one and complete it even if it's in the main story? I don't put myself under such duress when playing games. I have easy life whenever I'm playing any game.
  13. Hannkk

    Best racing game on mobile phones?

    I'm a big time lover of car racing games or even motorcycle racing games. I'm looking for the best games of sort that I can play on mobile phones. It doesn't matter to me if they paid or free to play but as long as it's very good, that's good enough for me. Keep your recommendations flooding...
  14. Hannkk

    Tales of Crestoria?

    I have been playing Tales of Crestoria for a while now when it came out and I can tell you that it's one of my best Tales game back then. It's a shame they have taken the game down and we are forced to move on.
  15. Hannkk

    What's your 3DS Design or Color?

    Which colour did your Nintendo 3DS have? What special design do you have on it? Is it anything customised or just the ordinary? Some gamers usually modify their own to something cooler. Did you modify your own?
  16. Hannkk

    How much did you buy your PlayStation 5?

    Playstation 5 is one of most sought after console game console in the world today. Long before now, it was very scare that you can't see it in any store. A lot of people were forced to buy from scalpers at exorbitant prices. Were you able to wait it out for the console to be available as it is...
  17. Hannkk

    Most relaxing Games?

    The best relaxing video game that I have played which I can recommend for you is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Do you like playing simulation games? If you do, you will enjoy playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
  18. Hannkk

    Gaming alone, anyone?

    My mood determines how I would be playing any game at the moment. If I'm feeling down, I might need to play with someone in order to cheer me up. If I'm angry and pissed, it would be better for me to play all alone.
  19. Hannkk

    Best Game 2022?

    There were so many great games that came out on Nintendo Switch last year 2022. After giving it a very long thought, I was able to choose Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as my best game released on the console last year. The game takes over 100 hours of gameplay that's totally captivating.
  20. Hannkk

    Best Mario Game?

    The original Mario game will always be my favourite and best of the game's franchise. The level of creativity and uniqueness used in developing and designing the game is far more better.