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  1. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Barbie?

    I personally am addicted to this game series.
  2. Naiwen

    Addicted to Tales?

    Personally, I'm addicted to the "Tales" games.
  3. Naiwen

    Full Force, anyone?

    I'm personally very much in love with this battle song from Tales of Symphonia 1 on the Gamecube. I have it on the background all the time.
  4. Naiwen

    Sailor Moon Games?

    Bishoujo Sailor Moon.
  5. Naiwen

    Sailor Moon Games?

    Personally, I do love those games too.
  6. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Transformers?

    I do personally mean the games based on the cartoons and the movies. I personally prefer "Transformers : Devastation" on mobile.
  7. Naiwen

    HP or TP?

    Do you prefer personally to use more TPs or HPs? Personally, I think both are important.
  8. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Avatar?

    I personally am addicted to this mobile game based on the movie.
  9. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Pokemon?

    I personally am obsessed with it.
  10. Naiwen

    Anyone loves GBA?

    It's my personal most favourite Nintendo handheld ever.
  11. Naiwen

    Other Pokemon Games?

    I'm personally currently addicted to Pokemon Fire Red.
  12. Naiwen

    Tales of Destiny 2 for PSP?

    I personally love this classic "Tales" game, very intricate gameplay, very enthrailling music.
  13. Naiwen

    Anyone loves PSP?

    I personally play games on a PSP emulator for Mac.
  14. Naiwen

    English or Japanese?

    I play a few games in Japanese, a few others in English.
  15. Naiwen

    Chinese Checkers, anyone?

    There is a mobile version of this board game that I personally do love to play.
  16. Naiwen

    Tales of the World, Radiant Mythology?

    This one is a little different from all the other "Tales" games because you accept requests from client in a guild. I personally quite enjoy it.
  17. Naiwen

    Tales of Rebirth?

    It's my current personal most favourite "Tales" game for the PSP. I'm personally playing it on the PSP emulator for Mac because my PSP is broken. Classic "Tales" gameplay and intricate plot, cool music and opening/ending themes.
  18. Naiwen

    Tales of Eternia?

    I'm personally addicted to this "Tales" game.
  19. Naiwen

    Emulators vs Consoles?

    By consoles, I do mean in-browser PC games, mobile and handhelds. Do you prefer to play games on emulators or consoles personally? personally, I could do both. I have no preference over either.
  20. Naiwen

    Your Gender Identity as a Gamer?

    I'm female.