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  1. Frostice

    Playing for fun or for money?

    Video games are fun for me. I can't play games for money as a purpose because that's going to defeat the real fun in the game. I don't play eSports tournament. It's the only way I can play games for money.
  2. Frostice

    How often do you clean your console?

    I clean my console every 2 months as long as I'm in town. If I'm not around, I will cover my games really well to prevent dust getting inside it. Dust can make consoles to start over heating. I don't want to see my console become faulty as a result of dust.
  3. Frostice

    How often do you change your phone?

    I upgrade my phone every 2 years max. I can't use any smartphone for more than 2 years. But as for phones that are not smart, I can use it for as long as it's good.
  4. Frostice

    Tokyo Game Show 2023 Fan Art

    This is one of favorite Tokyo Game Show 2023 Fan Art. Did anyone follow up on the Tokyo Game Show 2023? How would you rate it?
  5. Frostice

    Addicted to Pokemon!

    Unfortunately, I'm too much of Pokémon fan. I have watched the animation and played some of the games but it doesn't drive me crazy like it does for others.
  6. Frostice

    Last Game Played?

    The last video game I played and completed was God of War Ragnarok. I loved playing the game so much and it was why I had to rush and complete it. Although, it's not 100% completion I had on playing it.
  7. Frostice

    MMRPG vs RPGs?

    Between playing MMRPG and RPGs which one do you like most? What's the reason why you love playing either MMRPG or just the regular RPGs? For me, I like playing the regular RPGs because you don't need to have internet connection to play it. There's nothing like worrying about glitches, getting...
  8. Frostice

    Best paid game on mobile?

    I find it very difficult to play free video games on mobile phones. It's why I give my time to mostly paid games and it's the same thing with playing on consoles too. Some of the best paid games I've played on mobile phones are ; Chrono Trigger, Stardew Valley, GTA : San Andreas and Company of...
  9. Frostice

    Do you play Fortnite on Mobile Phones?

    Playing a game as big as Fortnite on mobile phones is wasting your playing time. There's no way you're going to enjoy it as much as you would should you play the game on PC or Consoles like Playstation 5 or Xbox Series. I'm playing it on Playstation 5 and it's incredible.
  10. Frostice

    What's your favorite browser?

    I've been working with Google Chrome and Brave browser for over 15 years and they have served me well. I think Barve browser was the first one I started out with before using chrome later. Chrome is my back up to Brave. Which one did you started using first?
  11. Frostice


    I'm not so good when it comes to cycling. I just manage to get myself from where I need to be and nothing more. I've had an accident once and hurt my knee which made me not to drive in a very busy area. I got knocked down by a drink driver.
  12. Frostice

    Do you make friends on Discord?

    I love making use of Discord as a chat messenger. I've gotten a couple of new friends from my games on Discord because it's one app most gamers use to keep in touch with one another. It's a very good chat messenger.
  13. Frostice

    Do you like wearing eyeglasses?

    I always make use of eyeglasses because they are a good protective shield for my eyes because I am always making use of computer to work at home and at the office which. Too much light affects my eyes negatively and those glasses are what help to protect my eyes all the time.
  14. Frostice

    Playing a Musical Instrument

    I know how to play drums 🥁 and also guitar. But I know how to play guitar better than I do with drums. The level of how good I am with a guitar can get me playing for any rock band.
  15. Frostice

    Which one for you GBA vs 3DS?

    It was a very difficult decision for me to choose between GBA and 3DS. Both of them were incredible console but I ended up going with 3DS back. Which one did you choose between them? Why did you choose it?
  16. Frostice

    What is the scariest Legend of Zelda game you played?

    There are so many releases in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Some of them are easy to play while some are very difficult to beat. But have you ever considered about the scariest amongst all the Legend of Zelda games that you have played? If you have given it a thought, let's hear what you think...
  17. Frostice

    What's the most difficult Legend of Zelda game you played?

    I would say that the most difficult Legend of Zelda game that I have played would be ; Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The maps and dungeons of the game is the most confusing that I have seen in any Zelda game.
  18. Frostice

    Favourite Zelda Game

    Personally, I love both The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, Breath of The Wild and A Link to The Past. They are great releases on the Legend of Zelda franchise. When is Breath of the Wild 2 coming out?
  19. Frostice

    What's the last paid game you played on your smartphone?

    There are at least 5 best paid to play video games which I enjoyed playing on my smartphone. They are ; 1. GTA : San Andreas 2. Minecraft 3. Stardew Valley 4. Chrono Trigger 5. NBA 2K20
  20. Frostice

    Who's your favourite Legend in Apex Legends?

    When it comes to my favorite Legends in Apex Legends Battle Royale video game, they are; 1. Valkyrie 2. Loba 3. Seer 4. Lifeline