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  1. Tonnyy

    Physical calculator or application calculator?

    It's been over 20 years I used calculator device. It was when I was still in college and partly in high school too. Before I was done with school, I've already stopped using it. Anything I want to calculate now, I make use of the one in my iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  2. Tonnyy

    How often do you clean your console?

    I always cover my Playstation 5 whenever I'm done playing games for the day. It prevents dust from getting in the console and whenever I'm travelling for long, I will box everything back in the carton. I usually clean my console once every 3 months.
  3. Tonnyy

    Comparing the Switch to other Nintendo Consoles

    Nintendo Switch is the best handheld console ever released by the company. When you talk about the number of games actually available for you to play on the Switch, it's way bigger and better than what you get on other handhelds. The graphics improvement of games on Switch is so good.
  4. Tonnyy

    Switch VS Switch Lite

    My brother had the Nintendo switch lite version. I never liked playing games on it because of the performance issues games used to exhibit on it. Also, the console heats up faster which discouraged me from buying it. I went for the original Nintendo Switch.
  5. Tonnyy

    Nintendo Switch Lite Overheating

    Well, they are not supposed to start heating up immediately you on them to play your video games. If it happens that way, it only means that something is very wrong with the console. NB. It's very important to keep your console where there's good ventilation.
  6. Tonnyy

    Any Games Like Good Pizza, Great Pizza/

    Pizza Shop is one of such pizza cooking game that I have enjoyed playing. It's a very good cooking game. I enjoy playing it on my smartphone.
  7. Tonnyy

    How many hours do you play everyday on your mobile phone?

    I played video games on my smartphone for at least 3 hours yesterday. I think that it's the longest that I have played on it at a go. It's usually between 1 hour before.
  8. Tonnyy

    Do you play Fortnite?

    I have always been off and on when it comes to my playing of Fortnite. I haven't started playing the new season yet but I'm going to as soon as possible.
  9. Tonnyy

    Who's your favourite Legend in Apex Legends?

    When it comes to my favorite S-Tier legends in Apex Legends, they are ; Wraith, Bloodhound, and Gibraltar. I also like Mirage and Horizon.
  10. Tonnyy

    What's the last paid game you played on your smartphone?

    Some of the free games that I play on my smartphone are ; 1. Feral Interactive GRID Autosport 2. LIMBO 3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 4. Hitman: Sniper
  11. Tonnyy

    What mobile games are you playing now?

    I play mobile phone games from time to time. Now , I'm playing Call of Duty on my smartphone. It's not as good as the one I play on my Playstation 4 but it's a nice game.
  12. Tonnyy

    Avid PlayStation Fan and Contemplating a Series X this Time Around

    Unfortunately, I'm a Playstation fan and it's always going to make my opinion bias. It's a console that I have been playing on for years, so it's going to hard to turn on it.
  13. Tonnyy

    UK - It's Happening

    For a very long time now that Playstation 5 have been launched, we are yet to have it available here. I really want it so bad and I hope to get it soon.
  14. Tonnyy

    PS5 Still Not Launched Here. Have One? Please Read

    The only thing that we have here now is more of Xbox Series X. We don't have Playstation 5 at the moment and I hope that it's something that can be fixed soon.
  15. Tonnyy

    Looking for PSN gamers to play MW

    I'm playing Motor GP 21 now and it's a very interesting motorcycle game. I'm looking for another good cycling game to add to my library as soon as possible.
  16. Tonnyy

    Anyone got a PS5?

    I don't have Playstation 5 now but my brother already owns it. It's a very great console and I can't wait to get my own once it's available in stores for purchase. It's only Xbox Series X that's available now.
  17. Tonnyy

    What's your thoughts on subscriptions?

    I have both subscriptions on Nintendo, Playstation Now and Gamepass. I find them very necessary to have and it's why I'm always making use of their services.
  18. Tonnyy

    Have you ever bought from scalpers?

    Buying anything from scalpers isn't a good idea because they are going to over price the products. It's what they are doing with Playstation 5 now but I will never buy it.
  19. Tonnyy

    What's the last game you played on your PlayStation 4/5?

    The last game that I played on my Playstation 4 was Seriko : Shadow Die Twice. I'm currently playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition now.
  20. Tonnyy

    The Last of Us Part 1 Remake

    I have completed playing The Last of Us Part II. I'm still very far out in completing the game. So, till I'm done with playing it, that's when I will think about getting the remake.