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  1. Hannkk

    Best Mario Game?

    The original Mario game will always be my favourite and best of the game's franchise. The level of creativity and uniqueness used in developing and designing the game is far more better.
  2. Hannkk

    Mario Kart - The Original is Still the Best

    It's one my brother's favourite games. He still prefers to play the old original Mario game than the new one's. I love all of them nonetheless.
  3. Hannkk

    Anyone Still Play the Wii U?

    I still have it and it's still working well. I'm a big collector and it's why I have kept the console for years now and still take very good care of it.
  4. Hannkk

    Motion Sickness and the 3DS

    I still have mind. I wanted to sell it at one point but decided against it. I just felt like to keep it for just collection sake.
  5. Hannkk

    Pirate Kings

    This is my first time of hearing about this game Pirate King. It looks like something that's going to be very good to play since it's going to be played at sea. I'm looking forward to getting it.
  6. Hannkk

    What's CoD like on a Phone?

    I have played Call of Duty Mobile for a while now. It's not all that good but I liked it a little bit. Although, I didn't like how they used microtransactions in the game.
  7. Hannkk

    Last Game Played?

    I have been playing Gran Turismo 7 for a week now. I love playing car racing games and I'm enjoying the game now. I will play Motor GP 21 later.
  8. Hannkk

    Game Recommendations Thread - Android and iOS

    I love playing Subway Surf and Candy crush on my smartphone. I also love playing Zuma and Temple Run too. They are super fun and cool to play.
  9. Hannkk

    Delta Airlines Reservation +1818-287-8009 number

    It's always very good to have a very good customer service team especially when it comes to airlines. It's a delicate means of transportation and should be well taken very seriously. I will definitely use their services one day.
  10. Hannkk

    Nintendo Switch Lite Overheating

    I have come to know that all video games consoles overheat at one point or another. Although, it's not supposed to be overheating when it's still very new.
  11. Hannkk

    What's your favorite Nintendo Switch game?

    I have played so many games on my Nintendo Switch but my favourite so far have been The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild. Those two games are so good.
  12. Hannkk

    joycon broken

    I find making use of YouTube videos for such tasks very useful. I have learnt so much about how to take care of my consoles watching videos on how to do it on YouTube.
  13. Hannkk

    Switch VS Switch Lite

    I'm very much enjoying playing on my Nintendo Switch. I have seen the Lite version of the console but I never liked it. It looks good though but it's not for me.
  14. Hannkk

    Pandering to the New Generation of Gamers: Nintendo Switch Online

    This is something that I agree with as well. The way games are rushed now, it's not developed to the level of difficulty we used to have our games. They have spit on most of our games.
  15. Hannkk

    Thanks Nintendo; for the Classics on the Switch

    As much as I enjoy playing old games, there are still very good games on Nintendo Switch. For example, The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is quite good.
  16. Hannkk

    Thoughts on the Series X?

    I have seen a friend who owns Xbox Series X and it looks damn good. Although choosing Playstation 5 will be an easy decision for me anyways and it's why I love and have been a Playstation lover from day one.
  17. Hannkk

    Have you ever bought from scalpers?

    As far as I'm concerned, scalpers will always be one the biggest problems gamers face in the gaming industry and market. They always have a way to influence product prices and always have it available when it's not available in any other stores. Have you ever bought any Playstation consoles from...
  18. Hannkk

    What's the last game you played on your PlayStation 4/5?

    I don't have Playstation 5 now but I have my Playstation 4 and I play most of my games on it. The last game that I played on the console is The Last Of Us Part II and Elden Ring. Which one did you play last?
  19. Hannkk

    What's your thoughts on subscriptions?

    What's your opinion on Playstation subscription services? Do you buy them or do you prefer not to use them? I'm among the gamers that were very happy when PS NOW subscription was announced.
  20. Hannkk

    Who's your favourite Legend in Apex Legends?

    Apex Legends is one of the biggest games that I have played for a while now. I have never been bored by it when compared to what other games do to me. There are so many good legends in the game with unique skills. My favourite of them all would be Bloodhound.