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  1. J

    Ideas for New Games

    What are some ideas for new games that you have come up with or other people? Do you feel they are something really interesting? How might you or someone come up with these ideas?
  2. J

    The Future of Nintendo

    What other consoles might come about? Are there any planned? What might be some new and/or different things to see? Do you feel it would be better than the Switch and/or other previous consoles?
  3. J

    Favourite PC Games?

    I'm not much into PC games. I remember doing a bomber one on the Apple from back in the early 90s, lol. Also, I like those poker machine ones, though they conflict with my Christian beliefs nowadays.
  4. J

    Do you all feel the first Mario game is too easy?

    Well, I'm not bragging or being arrogant. I am just saying it's too easy for adults I think, generally. Well, I can't say the same for Mario 3, which is a bit harder, but that much harder.
  5. J

    Comparing the Switch to other Nintendo Consoles

    What stands out to you? Does anything stand out? Do you feel the Switch is better. why or why not?
  6. J

    Good Switch Buys as Used

    Who has bought a Switch used? What did you pay and where did you find it? I know the average new price is $299, at least that is what it is at Wal-Mart. Well, even if you haven't bought a used Switch, can you tell me where good deals are and/or what you have spotted?
  7. J

    Playing a Musical Instrument

    I love to play drums. Also, I like, to a lesser extent, guitar, piano, and bass guitar. I did know violin, trumpet, mandolin and sax, but I forgot most that stuff. What about you all? Who plays? How long have you played? What got you started? How good are you?
  8. J


    My brother is into professional bicycling. Well, I don't think it's professional, but it's certainly an important hobby to him. Anyway, I like to ride bicycles , but I can live without it. It can be fun at times, but mostly I've done hiking these last years.
  9. J

    Super Mario Circuit?

    I love Mario Kart. Well, actually, I like all racing games, but Mario Kart is a special thing. In fact, it's one of the main games I want to get - when I get back into gaming.
  10. J

    Retro or Modern?

    When it comes to Mario games, I like all of them. However, the original Mario is fun, but honestly, too easy. It's seriously for kids. However, Mario 3 is still a bit challenging, though easy. I suppose adults can still enjoy it.
  11. J

    Favourite Nintendo Games?

    I like all the Mario games. I also love Donkey Kong. I am sure there other ones I would like too, but I've never been into gaming a lot. In fact, I haven't gamed in a few years due to well, not having any money, lol.
  12. J


    Who has played it or wanted to? What games do you like? I like Pitfall Harry. I played it a lot as a kid in the 1980s. I also like Pole Position, a racing game.
  13. J

    Gaming Behind Bars

    Some think prisoners should not enjoy gaming. However, I think it should be a reward for good behavior. I mean, everybody is human. Where is the mercy? Anyway, even among criminals, not all of them committed horrendous crimes.
  14. J

    Favourite Consoles Ever?

    I prefer Nintendo too. It has the Mario stuff so it is always my first choice. In fact, I have spent little time playing a PlayStation. Nearly all my gaming history, minus some Atari exploration as a kid, has been with Nintendo.
  15. J

    Gaming and Happiness?

    Hobbies can make you happy, of course. I like playing music, especially drums. I just find it interesting and it, of course, releases dopamine.
  16. J

    Gaming and Depression?

    I'm not really sure. I really think the source of depression should be cured. Well, I don't know. Of course, getting your mind off things helps some people.
  17. J

    Who can code a game?

    How advanced a game can you program? Where did you learn your skills? What languages do you use? Who has simply thought about getting into game programming? Who can program anything at all, not just gaming?
  18. J

    Building a Gaming Computer

    Who has built one? Who has simply built a computer? How did you go about it? Was it expensive or less than that? How do you compare pre-built to homemade stuff?
  19. J

    Professional Gaming

    Who has thought about it as a career? What do you guess is an average salary? Is it good money as a side hustle? How has tried it and what is your story?
  20. J

    Who is into web development or something like it?

    What have you created? Has anyone coded websites? How about some situation where you just set up a pre-made forum or blog? Myself, I like to make forums using pre-made software like XenForo or phpBB.