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  1. Credence Darkly


    Never used one but now I really want to lol. How often do you fire these?
  2. Credence Darkly

    Why Old Games Always Seem so Hard (A Theory)

    Yes, a very good theory too. I agree, some of the games I played as a child seem to be far harder than I remember them.
  3. Credence Darkly

    Motion Sickness and the 3DS

    Yes, I sold mine pretty sharpish after I had actually played it for more than ten minutes. Good idea, bad execution.
  4. Credence Darkly

    What Game would you like to see Remastered

    Hopefully this will be a good conversation starter. I have a few: MW2 (online) SSX Tricky Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  5. Credence Darkly

    The Greatest Game Ever

    <3 was playing this on Retropie last week. What a game! I wish I could get The Simpsons Arcade working.
  6. Credence Darkly

    Anyone still use their Wii

    Yes, I tend to use mine under the wonky leg on my kitchen table. I jest, of course, but no. What an abhorrent machine.
  7. Credence Darkly

    SNES Mini

    It would be a lot cheaper to buy an entry standard Pi, like the Zero, and make your own retro console. It is really easy to do and costs next to nothing.
  8. Credence Darkly

    Arcade Section

    YES! I have just suggested a ROMs section. These two will go hand in hand and work really well together IMHO.
  9. Credence Darkly

    ROM Sharing | Retro ROMs

    I was just wondering if we were allowed to share ROMs from the likes of Nintendo and Sega. I have quite a few and wouldn't mind posting them here, if that's allowed.
  10. Credence Darkly

    Coding and Programming

    I dabbled in C a few years ago. I have recently picked up a Raspberry Pi, so no doubt I will learn Python for a few future projects.
  11. Credence Darkly

    Legend of Zelda Cartoon

    A tab before my time but I have seen them due to my inherent fanboyism. Older cartoons are better anyway,