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  1. Catterific

    Mario Kart - The Original is Still the Best

    I can't help but think of how far the Mario Kart series has come. With all the bells and whistles we see in the recent games, it still isn't as good as the original. Thoughts?
  2. Catterific

    Lockdown: What are your Thoughts?

    How has lockdown affected you? How many are working through all of this and do you feel safe doing so? I can't wait for it all to blow over but I am still following rules.
  3. Catterific

    Is there any emulators for the NES?

    There's so many games that I want to play that can't be found on the Switch or a NESmini. I remember using an amiga one back in the day. Is there anything like this for NES?
  4. Catterific

    Legend of Zelda Cartoon

    Has anyone seen this? It's really old, like ancient, but a great way to take a trip down memory lane if you're as old as I. I wish they would make a new one, that would be brilliant. Hopefully now that Link is getting more fans through the Switch it might happen.
  5. Catterific

    Why Does Mario 64 Get so much Hate?

    I have noticed that this game seems to get a lot of hate on the internet; but I digress. I mean, yes, we had awkward camera angles but apart from that it was a masterpiece.
  6. Catterific

    Nintendo 64 Forum

    Can we please have a Nintendo 64 forum? I wanted to post about Mario 64 (a game from my past that I loved) but couldn't find a place to post it. Thanks in advance and I love the forum <3
  7. Catterific

    My Introduction

    Hi, Nintendoforums. I'm Kay from Scotland. I play the Switch mostly and love cats :). I play a lot of animal crossing, so if anyone wants to add me, message me for my friend code.