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  1. Effexion

    PS5 Still Not Launched Here. Have One? Please Read

    I am still sat on the fence about which console to get. I currently have a PS4 and like my trophies, so will probably stick around for that and that alone. Do you have one? What do you think?
  2. Effexion

    "The Master Race"

    I've always found this to be somewhat of an arrogant label. Yes, PC games look better and play better (so far) but they also come with an abundance of issues (like compatibility). I've always preferred consoles for their plug-and-play nature and the fact I don't have to pay thousands of pounds...
  3. Effexion

    Super Nintendo Peripherals

    I don't know why, but I only ever had the Super Scope with my SNES. I've since seen a whole manner of different gadgets that could be used with one but never really knew about them back then. I'm thinking that maybe there were more peripherals released in the States. I remember the mouse and the...
  4. Effexion

    Coding and Programming

    I'm far from great at coding but I really find it helps me to take myself away from life's stresses. I started with VB.Net before flitting through a whole manner of languages and settling on PHP. Any fellow coders in? What is your preferred language?
  5. Effexion

    My First Console - The NES <3

    I've always had a place in my heart for the NES. This is mainly down to a childhood memory of unwrapping one at Christmas and playing Duck Hunt with my dad. I had countless hours of fun playing my small games collection of Mario/Duck Hunt and some McDonald's game (which was pretty good, to be...
  6. Effexion

    Thoughts on the Series X?

    I'm a PlayStation fan through-and-through but I am being tempted to the dark side, purely on the basis of RDNA2. Both consoles with be leagues ahead of what we have now but I can't decide if it's worth sacrificing my trophies for; the new DualSense looks cool too.
  7. Effexion

    Motion Sickness and the 3DS

    As much as I liked the idea of a 3D screen, I can't help but think it was a little gimmicky and never really worked. While the concept was a great selling point, the execution was lacking. This became evident when the headaches kicked in and eyes started to cross. What did you think of the 3DS...
  8. Effexion

    Why Didn't the Wii Become as Successful as it Should Have?

    The Nintendo Wii was revolutionary in its time. Getting gamers globally off the couch and on their feet, it showed to us something different. At first, people loved it. They liked its unique angle and never-before-seen way of gaming. This, however, quickly fizzled out, leaving the Wii...
  9. Effexion

    Best Mario Game?

    It's a tough question and one I am still undecided about. While I really enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with Super Mario All-Stars (Mainly SMB3), Super Mario World and Donkey Kong; it's always nice to see how far Nintendo has come with the newer games. I enjoyed Paper Mario: Origami King...
  10. Effexion

    Favourite Zelda Game

    I've recently picked Zelda games back up after a long hiatus. I have to say, I really like how it's aged. Breath of the Wild was particularly enjoyable, with the vast open-world environment and great graphics. It was nice to have a little taste of nostalgia, wrapped up in modern visuals and...
  11. Effexion

    Thanks Nintendo; for the Classics on the Switch

    I absolutely love games from my past and was very close to buying a SNES Mini when I found out a lot of the titles were available on the Switch. While I had a little grumble about the pandering earlier, I do appreciate having the games there in the first place (even if I do give in to temptation...
  12. Effexion

    Game Recommendations Thread - Android and iOS

    I'm always coming across some great hidden treasures from Google Play. I thought I would make a thread for anyone looking for new games to play on the go. Feel free to drop any suggestions. Candy Crush: Candy Crush is a massively downloaded game. Despite this, we don't hear much praise for it...
  13. Effexion


    I've been into archery for around two years now and find few things -other than gaming- as enjoyable. It's a great therapeutical hobby and I'm hoping to enter some competitions when COVID-19 allows. Here's a picture of my collection so far: 55 - 70lb compund 30lb Samik Sage 28lb Krossen...
  14. Effexion

    Effexion - A Little About me

    I was born in an era where Nintendo and Sega dominated the gaming scene. Over the years, my love for Nintendo has only grown. With a huge following, hundreds of years later, I am glad to find a place where I can reminisce about times of old; when we had to wind our consoles up and worked hard...
  15. Effexion

    Avid PlayStation Fan and Contemplating a Series X this Time Around

    During the reign of Xbox and PlayStation, I was initially a fan of the Xbox. I only came over to PlayStation with the birth of the PS4. I had an Xbox One that just gathered dust once I got the PlayStation and I've loved it since. Now I have a £460 GAME Stores gift card and I'm really sat on...
  16. Effexion

    Pandering to the New Generation of Gamers: Nintendo Switch Online

    I was lucky enough to be born in the early eighties. Having the whole of the nineties to experience computer games. Born right into an age when Nintendo and Sega were the pioneering names of console gaming, I have a real, deep-seated passion for the retro scene. When I discovered, over...