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    Awesome Source of Nintendo Fan Fiction

    I came across this the other day when a mate sent it to me. It's not mine but some of the work on here is brilliant. Enough fan fiction to keep you going for years.

    What are you Expecting For BOTW2>

    I loved the first Breath of the Wild. I hadn't had played a Zelda game since I was a kid before I played it and it was great to be reintroduced with a childhood hero in a modern environment.

    Any PC Gamers Here?

    As well as Nintendo and Playstation, I like to play PC games. I currently play a lot of CS:GO and Modern Warfare (I don't have Cold War yet). PM me for my Steam username.

    Anyone Have Pets

    I used to like cats until I got my first dog a few years ago. Dexter has easily turned me around and now I can't see why I prefered cats. What does everyone have?

    I am the One Who Knocks

    Howdy, saw this group on FB and thought I'd sign up. I love Breaking bad in case you couldn't tell and Nintendo and Playstation. See you all around.