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  1. RyanH

    UK - It's Happening

    I've never really been one for launch day consoles because they're usually bugged out for a while. Best bet is to wait until early next year.
  2. RyanH

    Is there a Subscription Usergroup on Here?

    It would be nice to see but this thread has been here for a while now so I can't see it. Maybe they're setting them up. A man can hope.
  3. RyanH

    UK - It's Happening

    I am super stoked today because the PS5 is due to launch tomorrow here in the UK. I have the funds sat in my GAME account ready to buy. Anyone else snapping one up?
  4. RyanH

    Is there a Subscription Usergroup on Here?

    As long as it wasn't stupidly priced like some of the forums out there, I would definitely be interested. Always nice to have a few extra features on a forum you're enjoying.
  5. RyanH

    What's CoD like on a Phone?

    I like Call of duty but unsure on how it will translate to mobile platforms. I could never get used to running around with those controls but maybe that's improved. Thinking of downloading it but Im all about saving space...and time where I can.
  6. RyanH

    Pirate Kings

    My friend got me into this and I wish he never. It's one of those games that you put down and then pick back up again a second later. Massively addictive and very fun. Give it a try and add me :)
  7. RyanH

    Motion Sickness and the 3DS

    I'm totally with you. I enjoyed the 3DS and never felt sick or anything while playing it. A few of my mates complain about it though lol. Oh, I wear glasses so you might be onto something lololol.
  8. RyanH

    Is there a Subscription Usergroup on Here?

    Hi staff, I'm just wondering if there was - or if there's going to be - a paid usergroup with perks etc? It's just something I see a lot on forums and I think it would be pretty cool. Thanks!
  9. RyanH

    My First Console - The NES <3

    Oh god, this takes me back. Yeah, I had a NES too. I went to buy one a few years back but the prices were silly. I wish I still had mine.
  10. RyanH

    Is Pokemon Overrated?

    I've never been into it myself but have friends that are my age and swear by it. Where would I start if I wanted to start playing them?
  11. RyanH

    My Kids Want DSs

    Lol, my kids keep asking me for a DS for Christmas. They have Switches but I thought they would have gone for the new gen consoles. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :D
  12. RyanH

    The First Console I Owned

    I can still hear that Tetris music to this day. I spent hundreds of hours playing that and Super Mario Land. I wish they would make that playable somewhere. I'd be right on that.
  13. RyanH

    Anyone Still Play the Wii U?

    None of my mates play on theirs anymore but I still love mine (maybe because of my love for Nintendo). I love Zelda: BoTW on it and Splatoon. It might be a tad outdated but its still a pretty solid offering from Nintendo.
  14. RyanH

    DomiNations <3

    Quite an old game and not one that's talked about a lot. Does anyone else play it? If you like RTS's then it's well worth looking into. Kind of like Civilisation where you go through all the ages.
  15. RyanH

    Has Metroid been Beaten by Anyone Here?

    I don't see many people saying they have beaten Metroid. I've done it once but I never got the ending that everyone wants (no spoilers here but you know what I mean).
  16. RyanH

    "Its a me.....Er,....Ryan"

    Hi Nintendo forums. I'm Ryan from london, I've been a Mario fan for the past 20 years and Im really happy to be here. Looking forward to seeing you all around.