About Us

Over the years, Nintendo Forums has been a reliable platform for people from different walks of life. We strive to encourage unbiased and critical discussions to establish better engagement and interaction within our community. A fundamental part of our mission includes building positive linkages through healthy and participative online interaction.

Having ourselves come from the aforementioned walks of life, we know what it means to be a Nintendo fan. Growing up with Nintendo has created a lasting impression on many hearts of the nineties and we wanted to do all we could to bring these kindred spirits from the days of yore together. To create a community with friendly, helpful members and a place to share stories, memories and tips with Nintendo fans old and new, is our core goal. With our tireless work and innate dedication to the brand, we are more than confident that we will become the go-to hangout for fellow Nintendo gamers.

We look forward to seeing you around the forums.