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    Mario Kart - The Original is Still the Best

    I couldn't agree more. The 90s graphics only add to its charm. The new ones are good but the original is brilliant.
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    What's CoD like on a Phone?

    Not too bad to be honest. It's a struggle at first but it just kind of falls into place after a few hours. Worth trying at least dude.
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    Anyone Have Pets

    I have two finches, three cats and a dog. Throw in a few kids and I also have a headache. I want more pets, to be honest. I'm thinking of a parrot.
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    Very nice. I like archery but more compound than anything. I have only shot club bows with recurve though. How do you find your samick?
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    hi, I'm new to. Welconme to the forum and I'm looking forward to seeing you around.
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    Hi just found this site on Google. Hoping to get to know everyone here as time goes on. and happy to finally have found an active nintendo forum.