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    joycon broken

    i let my little borther use my swich for a bit because i play more xbox and he has broken the joycon. it just moves forward even when im not pressing anything. how can i fix it or is it broken
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    Thoughts on the Series X?

    i really wanted a playstation but i lost out because the servers were overloaded when i tried to buy it. ive heard we have to wait until january until i can get one now. i really hope not :(
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    Legend of Zelda Cartoon

    i was watching these on youtube a few months ago haha. they look really old but its zelda. so whats not to like. its a lot better than the mario and sonic ones anyway :p
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    "The Master Race"

    Theres to many pc gamers going around saying this and it really annoys me. i play on pc that doesn't mean i can't enjoy a console like a playstation to. their all good at what they do
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    What's CoD like on a Phone?

    its really bad man. i got a bigger phone a few weeks ago and i cant even play it properly on that. it feels weird when you cant feel the thumbstick and my thumbs tend to move about without me noticing. You can get control pads for them.