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    Mario Kart - The Original is Still the Best

    I totally agree. My kids think I'm mad playing the older games still but the originals are always better than sequels,
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    Arcade Section

    I know it's not strictly Nintendo but a lot of Nintendo fans also like the arcade classics. Would be an interesting forum to see here :)
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    Anyone got a PS5?

    I am still waiting for stock here and wondering if anyone was lucky enough to get one. I'm dying to know what the haptic feedback in the dual sense is like lol.
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    Why Old Games Always Seem so Hard (A Theory)

    I have been playing a lot of the old classics lately and I'm finding them a lot harder than I remember. I was trying to work out why and have come up with the theory that back then we never had a whole system's library at-hand so were forced to play the same game over and over. They say practice...
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    Any Working Emulators?

    I am really wanting to play Goldeneye. That game has so many memories for me but I can't find a working emulator. Retropie won't run it.
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    Has Metroid been Beaten by Anyone Here?

    I was very close to beating it back in the day. I might have another go at it, now it's on the Switch. Games were so much harder back then.
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    Anyone still use their Wii

    I found my son's the other day while I was having a clear out. And it made me think: is there anyone out there that still enjoys playing the Wii?
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    Anyone Have Pets

    Cats, a dog, two finches, a millepede and tarantulas. I love exotic pets and think I have some sort of pet addiction lol.
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    Switch VS Switch Lite

    I have a Switch Lite and my son has a normal Switch. I find it to feel a lot sturdier as the Joycons tend to wobble about a bit on the normal Switch. Is this worth the sacrifice of a dock and Joycons though?
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    Pirate Kings

    Haha, I used to play this a few years ago. In fact, my best mate fell out with me because I kept attacking his island. He was 40-years-old lol.
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    The Greatest Game Ever

    Does anyone remember Turtles in Time? That game has a massive place in my heart. I know I can get an emulator but I'm holding out for the real thing (as soon as I can afford it lol).
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    What's CoD like on a Phone?

    It just didn't sit right with me. I have never felt fully comfortable with using a phone with digital thumbsticks. It would probably be OK with a Bluetooth pad.
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    My Introduction

    I'd love to know what the appeal in Animal Crossing is. My 22-year-old stepson plays it too lol.
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    Game Recommendations Thread - Android and iOS

    Hidden Hotel; Good Pizza, Great Pizza; Grand Hotel Mania; Angry Birds (all of) and Threes. So many to choose from out there. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread :)