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    My First Console - The NES <3

    I think mine got thrown out when my parent's moved house. What a painful thought lol. Super Nes too :o
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    Mario Kart - The Original is Still the Best

    I still play the original till this day on my Switch. It's an absolute timeless classic and the first will always be the best, in my opinion.
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    "The Master Race"

    Yes, the arrogance certainly shines through. And if that's testament to the community; then I am only too happy to stick to consoles. I will probably get both this time around.
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    Anyone Still Play the Wii U?

    I bring it out for the kids from time-to-time so they can play Super Mario 3D World but don't really play on it much myself these days. Often tempted but it cuts into the little gaming time I get lol.
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    What's CoD like on a Phone?

    Definitely not for me. CoD, as you know, takes quick movement and reflexes. The phone just can't offer this with those on-screen thumbsticks. They are terrible.
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    Thanks Nintendo; for the Classics on the Switch

    I wouldn't worry about it. I'm old too hahaha. It's crazy to think that kids now will be one day talking about the retro PS5 and laughing at the graphics.
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    Motion Sickness and the 3DS

    :ROFLMAO: Maybe you're right. I was actually due to go for an appointment before lockdown started. You're definitely onto something there. I'll just get back to my rocking chair haha.
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    Has Metroid been Beaten by Anyone Here?

    Not a game I have played too much of, if I'm honest. It looks like it will be my kind of thing too. Might get the Switch our and give it a whirl.
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    I've never owned a crossbow but they've always held an interest for me. I like the idea of the weapon holding the weight of the string, as opposed to my arm lol.
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    Motion Sickness and the 3DS

    Nope, me too lol. It's a shame because the concept is great. I prefer to play on consoles that don't make me ill though haha. Call me old-fashioned.
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    DomiNations <3

    I haven't tried it yet but I might check it out. Always been a fan of RTS games; ever since Dune.
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    PS5 Still Not Launched Here. Have One? Please Read

    I am still sat on the fence about which console to get. I currently have a PS4 and like my trophies, so will probably stick around for that and that alone. Do you have one? What do you think?
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    Nintendo 64 Forum

    You're right! I'm not sure how that one was missed. N64 was an iconic console. I've added a N64 forum for you to post in.
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    Coding and Programming

    You see, web design REALLY interests me. I just got caught up in the back-end stuff and never got a real chance to learn - other than quick designs I did on-the-fly to make my tools look a little better.
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    Feel free to drop me a message if you decide to buy one. There's so many variables to consider. I'll help you out.